Getting to Know Your Therapist

My role as a Psychotherapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor

My role as a therapist is to teach, guide, support, listen and challenge my clients. I am very hands on oriented and will provide you with many tools that you can use at home. I don’t just sit there and nod my head or give you some basic analysis of your problem. I help you fix the things you can change and accept the things that you cannot. People come to see me because I am an expert in what I do and I will work hard to help you become an expert in yourself as well.

My Therapy Focus

During my sessions, we focus on changing the way you think, feel physically and emotionally and behave in situations.



I received my first Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Cum Laude) from a CACREP-approved university in the United States with a minor in Crisis and Trauma. My second Masters of Science was in General Psychology. I worked in a variety of roles as a clinical mental health practitioner for over 2 decades in the military, private practice as well as for the Red Cross providing counseling to children, adolescents, and adults. I specialize in Post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, loss of a relationship, depressions, eating disorders, panic attacks, phobias, alcohol abuse, and drug addictions, anger management problems, different types anxieties, self-esteem, OCD and phobias. My 2 six months long internships were completed at the Psychiatric Department (Pfalz Klinikum, Rockenhausen – Germany) and then later in a private psychological practice in Timisoara, Romania

Quality of Life Boosters:

  • Take yourself out for a special meal
  • Draw or paint without judgment
  • Read: All About Me: The Story of Your Life (which you write)


(by Phillipp Keel)