First Session and Beyond

The process of counseling can be both exciting and scary, as you reach within yourself to achieve your full potential. It often takes a “leap of faith” to begin the counseling process, and you’ve already achieved that difficult goal. You will set and achieve many other difficult goals during our time together! In counseling, I work primarily from three different viewpoints. The first is called cognitive-behavioral, which is just a term to describe the fact that I believe that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are very intertwined, and that sometimes our problems are caused by the way we think, feel, and/or behave.

This gets complicated because all these things become mixed with one another, so after a while it may become difficult to sort out what started the problem in the first place.

One of the things I will do in therapy is to help you sort out your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and which of these may contribute to your problems. Sometimes simply restructuring the way we think is enough for us to work through our problems. A second viewpoint I work from deals with the family in which you grew up. Many of the things we experience in our childhood affects us throughout our lives, and, in fact, help to shape the personalities we have as adults. One of the things we will do in therapy is explore your family history to look for patterns and themes that may affect you and play out in your life today. Sometimes simply recognizing your family’s patterns, whether currently, or how you think and feel about them in the past, can help you to work through your issues.


Finally, I work from a systemic point of view. Simply put, I acknowledge that each one us is embedded in a greater context than ourselves. We have families, friends, school, work, community, and other life situations that greatly affect how we function.

I will work with you to discover if there are any systemic difficulties in your life, and help you to resolve them.

These are my primary ways of helping you in counseling, though I will utilize a variety of techniques to help you in any way that I can. One of the things that you can expect, though, is that I will be giving you 100% in our work together. If you put the same amount of effort into this process, you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

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